Deastro live @ Crowfoot

“I’d written hundreds of songs already, but didn’t like any of them. I was praying, and then, it sounded like a space symphony – that’s the only thing I could call it – playing in my head, and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. That initial sound has never left me. It’s always there, giving me enough hope to write.” -Randolph Chabot

I must say, Michigan born Randolph Chabot of Deastro definitely knows how to put on a good show.  The quite eclectic and synthesizer- driven sound has become a hit among the underground music scene in Detroit and is slowly permeating across the larger and more publicized music sphere.  We wish you luck Randolph, way to go buddy!  The 2009 full-band debut, Moondagger is simply... Well, amazing.  In a recent interview conducted by label record Ghostly International Randolph said he "[wakes] up and [is] just determined to write a better song than I did yesterday,” Chabot says, “I’m determined to make a difference.”  You're making good headway my friend!

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