Jumpsuits and Buns

Okay.  I know if I put my hair up in a bun and went out (with friends -to a social event) in a nice outfit I would get strange looks... But I'm trying to promise myself that I'll venture outside of my comfort zone one of these days and do it.  Yesterday I had enough guts to wear a pair of stone-washed skinny jeans with a Hanes tanktop and Dior booties with a loose black sweater and my hair pulled back in a bun... But I was eating dinner with my grandpa and his girlfriend... Does not count.  Baby steps, baby steps... 

ALSO.  I have two jumpers that I got last year from Scoop.  Absolutely beautiful.  They look Indian-esque.  One is fuchsia and the other is light brown.  They are making a debut this weekend when I hit NYC, I can promise you that much. 

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